Global Guardian


What does it mean to be a Global Guardian? 

A Global Guardian becomes inspired and empowered to care for the Earth and the future of our planet.

Have you heard about the Global Guardian Project?

The Global Guardian's mission is to create learning tools to empower families to help educate children on how to care for the earth, starting from home. STEAM based modules as e-courses and printables are packed with engaging articles, activities, art projects, recipes, interviews, videos and challenges, all designed to teach families about new countries, ideas, animals and environmental challenges. Each will inspire you to become a Global Guardian!

Why do you want your child to be a Global Guardian?

We want to challenge children to become free thinkers and little change makers in a world that needs our positive choices and habits daily!

How do we inspire children to become Global Guardians?

  • Teach them Responsibility. Leadership within the home builds confidence to step up and do their part in the future, even if it is a small task such as taking out the compost or watering the plants. 
  • Encourage Teamwork. Encouraging children to play together promotes collaboration naturally which builds communication skills, leadership, respect, and compassion.
  • Inspire them with Stories about Leaders. Learning about the world’s changemakers can shape your child’s understanding of leadership as they become inspired to help others, be brave and build a path toward big goals. Learning how other leaders also overcome challenges is just as important and helps teach them about perseverance. Children will have Global Superpowers as they become unstoppable in changing the world.
  • Lead by Example. Actions speak louder than words. As parents, we need to demonstrate how to be leaders through our every day actions and mindfulness. Our children trust and value our role modeling. Our positive daily habits teach children positive daily habits. Together, we create positive change within our home and our interconnected world.

Where do I start?

Sign up for Global Guardian's free e-course to help inspire your child to change the world. Depending on your family's interests, you can navigate toward some of your favorite individual e-courses or bundles for the family, discovering the world, or protecting the Earth.


Lastly, how can I help create a world of changemakers?

Beyond teaching your children and community in setting an example of how to be a changemaker, you can share Global Guardian's mission with others. Word of mouth helps create growth and a greater impact to teach more families how to change on a global level.

Join the Global Guardian Community now to start making positive shifts today.

"Together, we can raise a powerful generation of changemakers and conscious beings who understand the world on a deeper level."